Past, current and upcoming projects include:

19 JULY 2018

Oblique Strategies – Benefit for La Mama at Bar Oussou

Drawing by Bernard Caleo at Bar Oussou, 19 July 2018

MAY/JUNE 2018:


12 DECEMBER 2017

Bottlenecked – with Amaara Raheem, Karen Berger and Sarah Wilmot at Melbourne Museum, 2017


29 NOVEMBER 2017

Concert at St Paul’s Cathedral with Elissa Goodrich



Voice and Body Exploration – A chance to play with your voice

This Voice and Body Exploration series will be led by Susan Bamford Caleo. It is designed for people wanting to develop their voice and body awareness and to play with the expressive potential of their voice. The classes will

  • include explorations through improvisation and gestural work  influenced by the Body Voice work of Zygmunt Molik (Grotowski Theatre Laboratory) and the extended voice work developed by Alfred Wolfson and Roy Hart
  • establish a shared practice with an emphasis on creating the potential for embodied vocal and physical choices and imaginative flight
  • incorporate spoken and sung voice and may include monologues, poems or songs.
  • offer the opportunity to establish a network for discussion and information sharing


Co- wrote (with Bernard Caleo) and performed various voice-over roles in the National Gallery of Australia children’s audio tour for the Hyper Real Exhibition (Canberra, October 2017 to February 2018)




SOLD OUT season at La Mama

JUNE 28 – JULY 2 2017:

A duet in fragments. Vocalist and percussionist take up their positions. Susan and Elissa are facing a beast of their own wondrous creation. They plunge into the chaos and the comedy. Taking the monster by the tail, they get to work.

Given breath by the creations of others including Rainer Maria Rilke, Sharon Van Etten, Gyorgy Kurtag, Nina Simone and more, music and words are unleashed.

Created and performed by Susan Bamford Caleo and Elissa Goodrich
Provocateur and outside eye: Margaret Mills
Lighting design by Gina Gascoigne
Image by Daisy Noyes


JUNE 2017:

Body, Voice, Improvisation: Weekend Workshop

A Weekend Workshop with Danielle Cresp and Susan Bamford Caleo
Dates: June 3 & 4, 2017

This workshop was directed towards:
* improvisation and voice practitioners who are interested in new ways of playing or in deepening their current artistic practise.
* physical and vocal performers who want to further integrate movement and voice and develop their on-stage presence.