Body Voice Awareness

In teaching this work I am excited to offer the opportunity for you to experience and explore the intrinsic connections between voice and body. Through the classes I encourage you to play healthily, to be aware, to expand your choices for transformation and to let your physical and vocal expression take flight.

I have taught voice privately and at institutions including La Trobe University, Federation University, St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre, Melbourne University, AP Studio, the National Theatre and Victoria University. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Voice Studies from the Victorian College of the Arts and have also been inspired by my studies with acclaimed Voice and Physical Theatre practitioners including; Linda Wise, Jonathan Hart and Vicente Fuentes (Roy Hart Theatre), Loris Synan, Frankie Armstrong, Monica Pagneaux, Dawn Langman, Helen Sharp and John Howard (Body Voice Projects),  Al Wunder (Theatre of the Ordinary), Song of the Goat (Poland), and Catherine Fitzmaurice. In 2019 I received a General Attestation from the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Teaching Method/Class Structure

These classes and workshops are designed for people wanting to develop their voice and body awareness and to play with the expressive potential of their voice. The sessions include explorations through improvisation, gestural work, breath awareness, extended voice, speaking, singing and massage as well as the opportunity to establish a network for discussion and information sharing.

Individual and group classes can vary depending on the interests of those involved. Some people are keen to develop general voice and body skills while others may be in preparation and exploration during a particular production or creative development period.

General group weekly sessions have a focus on establishing a shared practice with an emphasis on transformation through spoken voice and singing and making choices for voice and body. Participants often work with a variety of texts, dialogues, monologues, poems or songs. The classes may involve the use of a piano or electronic keyboard as part of extended voice explorations.


Susan, the work you’re doing with ……….. is incredible. It’s so much more than a ‘singing lesson’, (which of course you already know), and you deliver your sessions with such warmth, playfulness and sincerity. It is a profoundly valuable energetic exchange that you’re facilitating and your presence and delivery are exquisite. I thank you for holding such a beautiful and safe space for ……….. to explore & play in.

Kerri B (mother of student), Private Voice (Singing) sessions 2020

“I mainly wanted to write to say thank you for your wonderful teaching over the last few months. I’m genuinely shocked at how far I’ve come since we began, and I attribute that to your inspiring supervision and guidance. I still don’t quite know where the musical journey is taking me, but I’m so glad I had you to help me move so far so quickly, and opened so many exciting possibilities.”

Toby, Private Voice (Singing) sessions 2019

“Journeying with Susan on my singing discovery has been a lesson in trust, fearlessness and above all letting go. I am so thankful that in Susan I found the perfect guide to lead the way. Her open acceptance and encouragement helped me feel immediately at ease.With a holistic approach to singing she invites the mind, body and spirit.  I’m excited to see where we go from here.”

Nemi Bishops, Private Voice (Singing) sessions 2016-2017

“I loved the overall content and quality and the way that Susan delivered was always superbly balanced with researched material, investigation and interest, a genuine concern for participants and the ability to provide relevant tools and material for each person as well as establishing a sense of the group as a cohesive and connected entity.”

Victoria Bonte, Tuesday Morning Voice Classes April – May 2015

I felt that each week I was unfurling more and more, not just in terms of my voice but also in terms of my movement, I could feel a growing sense of curiosity and playfulness in myself, which was so wonderfully encouraged, I could feel that I was getting braver with my sounds. That’s exciting!

Susan really helped me to bring my awareness to what I was doing…

What a super privilege to be involved in these classes! Susan you are amazing and your gorgeous spirit and sense of fun is such a blessing to behold. I loved witnessing the others in the class as they explored and discovered, and seeing the way you supported each of us so beautifully. I felt such a sense of care from you as you guided us and shared this work with us. Thank you for holding such a powerful space Susan, I appreciated it immensely!

Justine Warner, Tuesday Morning Voice Classes April – May 2015

“Susan was more than patient, enthusiastic, listened and answered everything that participants asked – totally accessible and appropriate. Two workshops was just the ‘tip of the iceberg’”.

Adrienne Leith, Voice Skills for Presenters Workshops at Museum Victoria, 2014